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Saplings of roses of shtambovy Schneewittchen
  • Saplings of roses of shtambovy Schneewittchen

Saplings of roses of shtambovy Schneewittchen

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Saplings of roses of Schneewittchen

The rose which is grown up in the form of a single-barreled tree is called standard. It consists of two diverse parts: roots and a trunk (shtamb) - a dogrose, and krone - a garden rose

It is raised above the ground the pink bush especially effectively looks against the background of the blue sky or greens of surrounding wood and shrubby plants. The flower of a standard rose which is brought closer to the viewer allows to enjoy in the fullest measure to its harmonious form, bright or gentle coloring and pleasant aroma. Some people think that standard roses are the special grades growing in a species of a tree. And meanwhile any rose imparted highly on an equal stalk of a dogrose (stock) becomes standard.


The wild young growth appearing on a shtamba and from a root neck should be deleted systematically. In row-spacings or in a pristvolny hole since early spring introduce full mineral fertilizer - 40 g/m2. Nadali system podkormok is chosen by soils depending on structure. It is quite good to bring at least once as top dressing a set of minerals. Humus, manure, peat, a peat compost are suitable for mulching of the soil. Good action as liquid top dressing does a fresh feltwort (1: 8) or chicken dung (1:20). The soil before top dressing is previously spilled. For once bring in a pristvolny hole approximately top dressing half-buckets. Organic fertilizers can quite be combined with mineral. Top dressing alternate to plentiful waterings - not less than 10 l on shtamb. Overhead irrigation is desirable since spring and in the first half of summer, since June, in order to avoid development of mushroom diseases, it is necessary to water only in pristvolny holes

Since August stop top dressing by nitrogen, and here phosphoric - the phosphorus-potash-phosphorus fertilizers brought in August - September, promote ripening of escapes

Since spring and in the first half of summer standard roses do not need a support. On the contrary, firm not enough accrete inoculations strong wind gusts can bring fixations of a shtamb into a circle or wall-paper to breaking of young people. The support is required from the middle of summer when under weight of well developed and strengthened krone of a plant begin to incline. The stipitate is tied up to a circle in two places and by fall receive an annual standard rose.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 03.10.2018
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